Educating hunters and others about the value of our hunting heritage and the policies that threaten our outdoor way of life.


Help Hunter Nation Foundation educate and engage outdoorsmen and women on critical issues threatening our hunting heritage and way of life.

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About Hunter Nation Foundation

Hunter Nation Foundation is an organization dedicated to educating and informing hunters about the specific issues facing our pastime and our country as a whole. We stand for God, family, country, the outdoor lifestyle, and our nation’s constitution. We work at the state and national level to ensure hunters are aware of policies that undermine hunter’s activities and values.


America has a strong, unique history of conservation. We believe in preserving habitats and wildlife populations.


Public land should be responsibly maintained and accessible for multiple uses, including hunting.


Ensure hunters are informed of burdensome regulations to preserve our hunting heritage for years to come.


Young Americans are the future of hunting. We must teach them critical skills to honor and carry on our nation’s great hunting tradition.

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Join a movement of informed, involved outdoorsmen and women across our country.

"Hunters can’t sit on the sidelines or disappear to the woods when our lifestyle, our passion, and our heritage are in jeopardy."

Luke Hilgemann
President, Hunter Nation Foundation